Life Hack – Sleeping and Why You’re Doing it Wrong

You’ve been sleeping like this:

When you should be sleeping like this:

Scientists have studied the benefits of Reverse Sleep Therapy (RST) or “upside-down sleeping” for tens of years, and the results are staggering. RST improves your physical, financial and mental health, FTW!

Benefit One: A Deeper Sleep, Naturally

Instead of wasting money on harmful chemicals and pills to help you sleep, RST is a natural sleep-aid. If you use a thick blanket over your face, the built-up carbon-dioxide will lull you into a peaceful slumber, naturally.

Benefit Two: Save Money

It’s a well-known fact that humans lose forty-percent of their body heat through their heads. Sleeping with your head covered prevents more of that precious heat from escaping allowing you to save money on your heating bills and use a smaller blanket. Smaller blanket – Smaller price tag.

Benefit Three: Improves Circulation

Elevating your feet on your pillow allows for the blood to flow faster toward your vital organs, giving your heart the time it needs to rest and regenerate after a hard day’s pumping.

Benefit Four: Improves Cognitive Ability

When your feet are on your pillow, not only will your vital organs get more blood, so will your brain – the most vital organ of all! More blood to your brain means more brain-power to process the information you gained throughout the day. This leads to greater knowledge-retention as well as more-vivid dreams.

So the next time you’re tucking yourself in for a good night’s sleep, try tucking in the RST way for good health lasting a lifetime.

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