The Best and Most Beautiful

The Best and Most Beautiful“Ireland loves us,” Peach whispered. “We are so pretty in Ireland.” She stood beside three men with faces stolen from glossy magazine ads for fancy cologne. One man had a chipped front tooth, and one had a menacing looking mole on his neck, but I could have easily married any of them. I thought maybe I could marry all three, and they could live as sister-wives in a gigantic ranch house in the southern United States. They looked at me like that’s what they wanted.

“Peach and I are about to become famous authors,” I told them. “We’re already pretty famous in Canada, and we’re trying to break Europe.” Every word I said came out of my mouth as an enormous butterfly. The butterflies flapped around our heads and filled the whole room with colour.

“And when I say break Europe,” I said. “I mean actually fucking break it, the whole continent.”                                      

New from Nautical Priest Press, The Best and Most Beautiful is a 67 page surrealist retelling of an aspiring author’s five day trip to Dublin and her quest to become the most glamorous woman in the world.
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The Best and Most Beautiful would not have been possible without the expert design skills of Jakub Tywoniuk and Chris White.