I packed my bags and took a trip into my body.  I took my sunglasses and a hat and an extra pair of underwear.  I didn’t want to leave for long.

My veins became a road, and I stood at the edge of it, watching cars drive past while purple lights flashed.  I don’t know why the lights were purple or what they were flashing for.  It could have just been decorative.  I’ve got pretty flashy blood.

A homeless woman clicked by with a cart of bottles and bees in her hair.  I don’t know for sure that she was homeless.  I guess her home was in her body in my body.  She only had one eye, stuck in the middle of her forehead.

There was a toonie on the sidewalk, but I didn’t have anything to buy, so I left it for the lady with the bees.  I thought maybe she would eat it.

There wasn’t anywhere for me to go.  I walked around my heart and gave my lungs a little pat, and then I stepped into the middle of the street to watch drivers drive on either side of me.

I was changing lived just by being there.  The people in their cars started yelling, but I spat on their windshields and told them, This is my blood, I can do what I want.

One car swerved and hit another.  Three people were killed, and I felt so bad I can’t even tell you how bad I felt, but then I remembered I was on vacation, and it didn’t seem so sad.

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