Let’s Get Drunk and Touch Each Other

Then punch each other then drink more.
Let’s press our faces to your kitchen floor.
I want to take your face with me everywhere.
I’m going to unzip it from your skull
and keep it in a cigarette box.
I’m going to look at it every day.
Is that ok?

When we die, let’s be buried together.
I want the maggots that eat you to eat me too.
Come, let’s drink more.
Get back beside me on the kitchen floor.
Can I kiss the skin behind your elbows?
Can I touch the skin between your toes?

I’m going to inhale your hands so you can feel the inside of my lungs.
I want you to tell me how they feel.
Let’s steal things from charity shops
and sell them on the internet
and donate the money back to charity.
Let’s pretend we’re tightrope walkers,
telephone talkers,
Tom Hanks stalkers.
Let’s pretend we understand each other with perfect clarity.

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