How Do You Say Peach in Japanese

Cameron McDonald’s forehead’s got a road running through it.  On Sundays in summer, peach sellers travel from Cameron McDonald’s hairline forest with pies and preserves.  The peaches taste like classical music and Cameron’s best smile.  Cameron McDonald doesn’t smile that often, but every time he gets a good one out, the peaches in his hair get twice as sweet and someone in Tokyo wins the lottery.

Cameron McDonald went to Japan in a dream once.  He’ll never get to go in real life.  The peach sellers on his forehead don’t pay enough rent to afford him the trip.  Cameron McDonald doesn’t complain though.  He likes the scratching on his scalp when the peach sellers till the soil.  He likes how the tiny peach pits feel when they tumble from his forehead and bounce off his nose.  When Cameron McDonald goes to sleep at night, he hears the peach sellers’ feet weaving between the trees, and he doesn’t feel alone.

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